Barbershop Brand Guidelines

Welcome to Barbershop’s guidelines! Here you will find what defines our brand and some useful assets.

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Our Colors.

We maintain a very simple color palette.


  • Hex: #1f1f1f
  • RGB: 31, 31, 31
  • HSB: 0, 0, 12

White, Figure

  • Hex: #fff
  • RGB: 255, 255, 255
  • HSB: 0, 0, 100

White, Ground

  • Hex: #fafafa
  • RGB: 250, 250, 250
  • HSB: 0, 0, 98

Red, Figure

  • Hex: #eb3a28
  • RGB: 235, 58, 40
  • HSB: 6, 83, 92

Red, Ground

  • Hex: #f33
  • RGB: 255, 51, 51
  • HSB: 360, 80, 100

Color Rules

Contrast is crucial in our use of color. For guidelines and gut checks, see Colorsafe.


We use red for highlights only. It is important to not overuse it. Please observe the following proportions.

Figure / Ground

Figure / Ground


Our Type.

Type is an important aspect of nearly every manifestation of our brand.

The Palette

Type Palette

We use GT Walsheim Bold for high level headlines and sub-headlines. Body copy should be set in Vista Slab OTCE, used for the legibility lent by its large x-height and as an homage to the digital pioneers at Emigre. For copy that must be set in very small sizes, we also use Source Sans Pro.

Using Fonts

To keep every piece of communication consistent, please avoid using too many fonts. A good rule of thumb is to use no more than 5 distinct styles within a viewable area. (Note: a font is a combination of weight and style, i.e. Vista Slab Light is one style, Vista Slab Light Italic is another).


Our brand standards are simple, but ever evolving. If something is missing, for any questions, or to report a bug, please email [email protected].

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Barbershop Style Guide